Kverneland 150 serie - High performance

High performance in light to medium soils

Kverneland 150 serie - High performance

Kverneland is known for producing robust ploughs for high performance and for developing solutions that become standards to the industry years later.

A real success
The Kv 150 serie has been experiencing sales far higher than expected from the first year of introduction, worldwide. This serie is the entry level to the Kverneland plough range.


These are 4 models of mounted reversible ploughs designed for small farms with intensive usage. The soils can be light to medium, stony or not. The ploughing width can be changed comfortably “on the move”.

The reliability of these “entry level” ploughs, their low operating cost and high performance have been key success factors. It is always a safer choice for a farmer/contractor to choose an “entry level” plough from a world reknowned brand such as Kverneland having expertise in building large implements for tough conditions.

Innovation and Robustness
The concept: the Kv 150 serie had to be long lasting robust ploughs as any Kverneland ploughs are. Compared to the existing models, the ploughs meant for non stony conditions, Kv 150 B and B Variomat are equipped with tines similar to those of CLC Kverneland cultivators while for stony conditions the proven Kverneland auto reset legs are chosen for Kv 150 S and S Variomat.


A 150x150 mm main frame coupled to an innovative parallelogram for an easy 1st furrow adjustment and a new head stock with an as strong as 110mm turning axel guarantee the robustness of the plough. The Kverneland heat treated steels for the complete plough are still unrivalled. 


Easy settings and high performance
Why making the plough settings complicated when they can stay quick and easy.

  • front furrow adjustment via the parallelogram.
  • ploughing width changes by moving only 1 bolt for the non Variomat models or by activating the Variomat from the tractor cabin for the Variomat models.
  • self adjusting pulling line when the furrow width is changed
  • adjustment of the right/left angle via a bolt
  • cross shaft category II and III; optional quick coupling
  • adjustment of wheel depth, skimmers and disc coulters

If Kverneland recommends using tractors up to 150 HP, experience has proved that depending on soil conditions, tractors with higher horse power are also used. The Variomat optimizes the match between tractor and soil conditions.  One can plough from 12” to 20” depending on the interbody clearance.

Profitable ploughing
When adjustments are easy to operate then, high performance are also easy to reach. Not only can you make the perfect ploughed field but you also save money and time with Kverneland ploughs. 

For instance, by varying the ploughing width, you can increase your capacity by 40% while fuel consumption only increases by less than half.  

The clever design of Kverneland ploughs and the use of only heat treated steels enable huge fuel saving. The pulling forces of Kverneland plough are very low. Depending on working depths, your Kverneland plough makes you save between 19 to 28% on fuel consumption when compared to competition. 
(source: FH Cologne and Wilsmann, 2012 and 2014)


Lower pulling forces also induce a lower wearing of parts in contact with the earth like points, shares, mouldboards etc…There are substantial savings to be made with Kverneland ploughs.

Kverneland innovations help you plough in most conditions. One of the latest development: Body no 34 for wide capacity, sticky, non stony conditions. Read more: New-Kverneland-Body-No-34

16. August 2016