Extensive Range of Four Rotor Rakes to Boost Your Grass Management

Kverneland extends it offering of four rotor rakes with the new 97150 C and 95130 C, offering the widest range of high productive rakes for the professional and demanding segment.

Extensive Range of Four Rotor Rakes to Boost Your Grass Management

High productivity has long been married to capacity, ease of use and durability. In addition you need the exact rake specification that suits your entire grass management setup. Your rake must be able to accurately feed the machine that follows, being it a forager, wagon or baler, altering to the changing crop intensity during the season. By adding the new Kverneland 97150 C and 95130 C there is an array of models and possibilities to suit your specific setup, the potential to boost your complete grass management with a Kverneland rake is there. 

Product Line-Up, Kverneland Four Rotor Rakes:

  • Kverneland 97150 C: 15m working width, ProLine Gearbox.
  • Kverneland 95130 C: 12.5m working width, ProLine Gearbox.
  • Kverneland 94125 C: 12.5m working width, CompactLine Gearbox.

Kverneland 95150 C - Optimises on Productivity and Profitability

Kverneland introduces the next generation heavy duty four-rotor rake with its new 97150 C. A powerful combination of capacity and high end design to tackle even the most demanding conditions.

The Elbow Design Makes the Difference
The special elbow design of the front rotor arms is a unique feature of the 97150 C. This special Kverneland design allows an impressive, continuously adjustable, working range between 9.80 and 15.00m, which is unmatched flexibility that only Kverneland offers. Raking width can be matched to differing crop characteristics, to obtain an evenly shaped and equally wide swath across the full width.

The special elbow design, where the front rotors fold backward during transport, positions the rotors close to the driver, easily visible by simply looking to the side. No need for constantly having to look backwards to stay in control. This makes it easy to steer and use the front rotors as reference during work.

Despite its massive working dimensions, the 97150 C is a highly maneuverable solution. For easy headland management it is possible to tailor the sequence of lifting and lowering the front and rear rotors, to optimize the time delay between front and rear rotors. The front rotors can be lifted separately or each side can be lifted pairwise, convenient for raking crop away from fences.

More Uptime with 4m Transport Height
Even when not raking the 97150 C provides maximum uptime. When converting for transport, just raise the rotors and off you go, safely below 4.00m transport height – no need to leave the tractor to remove tine arms. Standard running wheels of 97150 C are extra wide 560/45-22.5 flotation tyres for high stability during transport and for excellent ground protection.

Take Full Control
The 97150 C is available with the IsoMatch Tellus or the new IsoMatch Tellus GO control terminals. The IsoMatch Tellus GO is specifically developed for controlling machines in a simple way. Just connect your machine, step into the tractor cab, switch on the power button and GO. The terminal automatically brings the implement into view. 


Kverneland 95130 C - A Combination of High Performance and Simple Design

The new 95130 C rake from Kverneland, with 4 maintenance-free ProLine rotors, is tailor-made for the toughest conditions. A 10.0-12.5m working width boosts capacity, while easy operation is made paramount by focussing on the elements that really matter.

Focus on the Essentials
The 95130 C has been designed to make daily operations as simple as possible, by focusing on the elements that add real value. The rotors are fitted with the maintenance-free ProLine gearbox solution, purpose-build for even the toughest conditions. No time wasted on maintenance and greasing.To support productivity the 95130 C comes with enhanced headland management. In addition to high ground clearance of rotors during headland turns, it is possible to tailor time delay for the rear rotors to the driving speed and field conditions. This is done mechanically in an easy and uncomplicated way.

Hydraulic Adjustment of Working and Swath Width
Being able to accurately feed the machine that follows and keep up efficiency of the complete harvesting system is an essential part of the raking job. The hydraulic adjustment of working and swath width allows you to customize swath intensity and width to the capacity of the following machine. Directly handled and controlled from the tractor seat.

More Uptime with 4m Transport Height
And the 95130 C leaves no reasons for wasting time, not even when moving from field to field. Just raise the rotors and off you go securely below 4m transport height – no need to leave the tractor for removing tines arms. For storage all tines arms are detachable to allow a storage height as low as 3.45m.

26. September 2016