Expand the possibilities with IsoMatch accessories

Make your IsoMatch Universal Terminal even more complete with the IsoMatch accessories. 

Expand the possibilities with IsoMatch accessories

Once you have made the investment of an IsoMatch Tellus or IsoMatch Tellus GO, you are on track with the latest technology.

IsoMatch Global
The essential accessory for IsoMatch GEOCONTROL is the IsoMatch Global GPS antenna, with DGPS accuracy. It enables satellite navigation for site-specific section control, variable rate application and field registration.

IsoMatch InLine
This is a light bar which allows easy manual guidance. It is the perfect assistant to get you as close as possible to your desired A-B line. The display of the IsoMatch InLine also displays the status of the machine sections.

IsoMatch MultiEye
You can connect up to four IsoMatch Eye cameras to the IsoMatch Tellus and easily switch between the cameras with the remote control box which is standard included. Now you have full control and overview of your entire machine operation from every side you want.

20. June 2016