Brand New Kverneland 3336 MT

- New hydraulic adjustment allows you to optimize overlap and productivity

Brand New Kverneland 3336 MT

The Kverneland 3336 MT is a next level development of the already known Kverneland suspension concept, known for its’ precision. It lifts accuracy and productivity to new heights and provides constant ground pressure and hydraulic adjustment of overlap for less damage and faster regrowth.


Hydraulic Adjustment of Overlap
Being able to adapt instantly to changing field conditions on the go, fine-tuning the overlap in a matter of seconds, and just continue mowing are key elements. The Kverneland 3336 MT allows you to do all this with the new concept for hydraulic adjustment of overlap. To easily compensate for changing field conditions, the adjustable overlap is designed as a telescopic arm, directly into the suspension. Adjusting the overlap is done hydraulically from the tractor cab, and the chosen overlap is easily registered from the scale on the suspension arm.

This enables you to easily increase the overlap on the combination, when opening up fields or working in odd shaped plots or hilly conditions and reduce overlap when doing straight passes
 - always maximizing your capacity and productivity, without compromising on cutting quality

Next Level of Suspension Concept
The mowing unit is suspended by four suspension arms that allow the mowing unit to float independently over the field, and adjust accurately to ground contours. Ground pressure is easily adjusted from the tractor seat, hydraulically and with an easy to read pressure scale on the mower for clear guidance. And that’s not all. The suspension also provides the Kverneland 3336 MT with NonStop BreakAway protection across the full working width, with no limiting factor on the left hand side of the mower, giving the driver ease at mind during operation.

Ground Pressure Remains Constant
During mowing operation the carrying arm always remains even to the ground, giving the mowing unit the freedom to instantly compensate and float across uneven ground contours. More importantly this provide the mower with constant ground pressure, exactly as when going up and down or adjusting sidewise to field contours, as set by the user. The advantages are obvious, as it leads to less damage and faster regrowth from the stubble and minimum dirt into the crop.

When lifting the mower on headlands, only the mowing unit is raised, while the headstock remains in a fixed position. This provides the Kverneland 3336 MT with a level ground clearance of 500mm across the full working width. The mowing unit is lowered evenly without one side touching the ground before the rest of the mower, avoiding unnecessary stress and wear on the mower.

Efficient Transport Adds to a Productive Day
Vertical transport has proven to the be the trend for mounted mowers, but the challenge with larger mower conditioners is typically that weight is centred on one side of the tractor. The complete weight of the Kverneland 3336 MT is spread evenly on both rear tyres, with a 50/50% weight balance. This means the tractor is not sliding to one side during transport, providing extremely stable running characteristics of tractor and mower during the transport. The mower folds hydraulically for transport and the telescopic frame arm moves to the lowest overlap position, to reach a transport height of only 3.60m. Optionally the right hand protection guard hydraulically folds into transport position.


For vertical storage when not in use, the Kverneland 3336 MT is designed with an integrated storage foot, requiring a minimum of space during storage.

16. March 2016