Stay innovative with our iM FARMING solutions

Our precision farming offering is essential in managing your business with success. Applying electronics, software, satellite-technology, online tools and big-data enables you to use your equipment more effectively and reach higher profitability of your crops.

We offer you numerous options and solutions for how to produce more with less; utilize inputs more efficiently and thereby increase profits and sustainability.

ISOMATCH: Our Precision Farming Offering

IsoMatch Tellus PRO

With its advanced hardware and software features, this 12-inch terminal provides the optimal solution for an all-in-one control system inside the tractor cab including automatic steering. It is the centre for connecting all ISOBUS machines and a platform running precision farming applications and Farm Management Systems.

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IsoMatch Tellus GO+

The new IsoMatch Tellus GO+ offers a more powerful processor, allowing for significantly faster responsiveness and increasing the ease of navigation. The IsoMatch Tellus GO+ can now handle demanding applications like IsoMatch FarmCentre, allowing advanced features and remote connection to your implement for a higher yield at less cost.

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Realising the full potential of farming is about growing and developing your business. When there is work to be done, you need the optimal setup and solutions to work as efficiently as possible. IsoMatch GEOCONTROL, an advanced precision farming application within the IsoMatch Tellus PRO and IsoMatch Tellus GO+, helps you to control all ISOBUS compatible machines. Combined with a GPS receiver it fulfils the future needs towards an easy and profitable way of working.

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IsoMatch Global 3

A GPS antenna system with DGPS accuracy (30-50 cm) for the highest precision possible. It brings you manual guidance, automatic section control, variable rate control in combination with IsoMatch GEOCONTROL.

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IsoMatch Grip

This ISOBUS auxiliary device is made for great operator comfort and efficient machine control. Its ergonomic shape and the complete freedom of assigning and controlling a total of 44 implement functions from one device are unique in the market today. From your fingertips you have endless possibilities to operate all machine functions as desired. Assignments are saved per machine making it even more applicable to your needs.

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IsoMatch Eye

Connect up to 4 cameras to the IsoMatch Universal Terminals. You can easily switch between the cameras without the need for an additional screen in your tractor cab. It gives you full control and overview of the entire machine operation during day and night, because of its night vision by integrated LEDs. This increases safety when reversing the machine or manoeuvring around obstructions.

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IsoMatch InLine

The IsoMatch InLine is a light bar for manual guidance including section status information. Mounted in the line of sight, you can easily see the distance from the guidance line and to which direction you should steer for the ideal position (accuracy: DGPS 30-50 cm, RTK 2 cm).

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IsoMatch TopService

IsoMatch TopService is a professional service tool for Kverneland’s electronic products to provide diagnostics and software update capabilities in addition to many other advanced features. It helps the dealer to diagnose and find solutions on the spot, faster and in a simpler way. The tool includes clear and user friendly design, multi-language support, automatic software downloads, release notes, documentation and many other features.

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“GEOSPREAD redefines accuracy”

“It’s a fair improvement over our previous spreader,” says Ian Haines of Hoplands Farm, Conningsby, Lincs, about his Exacta TL GEOSPREAD. “It would be a backward step to go away from this level of application accuracy.”

The Haines family grows around 700 acres of crops, comprising sugar beet, potatoes, winter wheat, winter barley and beans. Field sizes range from 2-60 acres, and almost all are irregular shapes.

“We’ve run the GEOSPREAD for five seasons and it’s saved us a lot of money by putting fertilisers exactly where its needed,” he says. “There’s no waste, no overlaps and I no longer need an extra bag to finish a field. It’s usually within 20kg of a field’s target tonnage.”

“This level of accuracy has also made logistics much better too – there’s no pointless running around to finish off a field. It’s exact, and it’s so simple to use.”

Having had a successful demonstration from Irelands Farm Machinery, the spreader arrived in 2017, and the farm hasn’t looked back, gaining greater accuracy and saving money along the way.

Applications are mostly carried out on 24m tramlines, and are typically from 150kg/ha. But applying high rates of base fertiliser onto potato ground sees this cut back to a 12m spread width, as application rates nudge 1,200kg/ha.

“Halving the spread width lets me travel with a bit more forward speed with these higher rates, after which we’ll run the bed former through ready to put the potatoes in,” explains Ian. “We just don’t waste any fertiliser – the spread pattern management using auto section control is just superb, and I can see where it all goes.”

In the cab, an IsoMatch Tellus GO+ terminal provides connectivity with his MF tractors, but looking ahead, he’d like to adopt RTK through his existing guidance system.

“Variable rates will probably be the next step, and we can make more use of this clever spreader technology to continue with more efficiency,” he says. “

The Future of Farming – IsoMatch FarmCentre

Whether you are a farmer or contractor with a fleet, IsoMatch FarmCentre gives you a complete overview of your business. You can track the movement of your fleet in real time or verify later where your machines have been operating. Keeping track of multiple machines spread over vast areas has never been so easy! Additionally, all alerts and notifications are sent directly to the IsoMatch FarmCentre web application, and the history of alerts is saved. With IsoMatch FarmCentre, machine performance parameters can be tracked and analysed for optimal performance. Actual information about quantity of pressed bales, fertiliser consumption and more is shown in the application. All this you can check remotely from a computer or even a tablet or smartphone.

User experience – Contractor Breure - Kverneland iXtra LiFe

Contractor Breure from Klaaswel (The Netherlands) explains his user experience and benefits with the Kverneland iXtra LiFe in combination with the Kverneland Optima seeding machine. He is also using the IsoMatch Tellus PRO in combination with IsoMatch GEOCONTROL.

More output and accuracy for North Yorkshire grower

Looking to update a 20-year-old, mounted sprayer, north Yorkshire grower Malcolm Mitchell bought one of the first Kverneland iXter B18’s in the country.

“I did consider a trailed sprayer, and then looked for a secondhand mounted model as they are far handier as a compact package,” explains Malcolm, from TD & N Mitchell & Sons, Yatts Farm, Ryedale.

“But we ended up buying a new model, as my local dealer J Wood & Sons were extremely helpful in getting the right specification of sprayer, at the right price,” says Malcolm.

The Mitchell family grows around 800 acres of combinable crops, comprising autumn and spring sown cereals. The updated sprayer purchase gave an opportunity to introduce wider tramlines and a larger tank capacity, increasing output across the farm.

“We’ve moved up from 21 to 24m tramlines, and gained 50% more tank,” he says. “We’ve now got much more productivity and that also means better timeliness with pesticide applications.”

Mr Mitchell’s decision to buy a Kverneland sprayer was partly influenced by already owning a Kverneland fertiliser spreader, equipped with GEOSPREAD capability and an IsoMatch Tellus GO in-cab terminal.

“I liked the technology on offer, and buying a sprayer that could use the same terminal meant plug and play simplicity with my Case tractor,” he says. “And with vertical folding booms, the iXter is much better on the road than booms which fold forward over the cab.”

He adds that Kverneand’s application technology has brought about some key improvements to spraying, making the process safer and more efficient.

“I really like the auto-fill function, which lets me program an exact number of litres into the control box, to regulate tank filling,” he says. “And with nine boom sections using auto section control, every application is completed with great accuracy and very little overlap. It’s certainly a big step forward over our previous sprayer.”

You can now control even more sections! – IsoMatch GEOCONTROL

Recently our IsoMatch GEOCONTROL received an update. You can now control up to 110 sections with a IsoMatch Tellus PRO. Benefitting you as a farmer even more in the field.