Rear rollers

A large choice of rollers

According to the soil specifications, the consolidation required, the mixing of the soil and straw, the surface of the soil requested and the lifting capacity available, Kverneland offers a choice of rear rollers.

  • Cage roller Ø 550mm - 90kg/m
  • Double cage roller Ø 400mm - 160kg/m
    (available on mounted rigid and mounted folding models)
  • Actiring roller Ø 540mm - 160kg/m: active with the adjustable knives, ensuring a good mixture of soil and straw and consolidation.
  • Actipack roller Ø 560mm - 205kg/m: heavier, for clod crushing and very firm recompaction of the soil. Adapted also for heavy and sticky soil conditions.
  • Actiflex roller Ø 580mm - 160kg/m: intensive mixing effect combined with a good recompaction makes this roller the ideal tool for best volunteer's regrowth.
  • Actipress Twin Ø 560mm - 220kg/m without soil:
    (available on mounted rigid and mounted folding models)
    u-profile for high carrying/rolling capacity in light soils. Clod breaking also in heavy conditions. High and homogenous consolidation.
    Weight when full of soil: 250kg/m
  • Actipress Single Ø 560mm - 150kg/m 
    Single rotor with u-profile for high carrying/rolling capacity on light soils. Also for stony conditions due to wide pitch. 3 models available for a more uniform or rough surface (with blades/with carbide blades/without blades). More compact design and reduced weight especially suitable for three-point mounted implements. Weight/m when full of soil: 188kg/m
Actiflex roller

Actipack roller