Kverneland Access+

Seedbed harrow in 3.00m working width for the combination with Kverneland seed drills

Seedbed harrow for combination with Kverneland seed drills 

The Access+ is an alternative to standard combinations offering high-output performance at a limited price. It can be combined with the Kverneland seed drills such as DA, s-drill or Optima. Precision seed drills can be mounted by hitch to enable easy disconnection if requested.

The Advantages:

  • 2 or 3 rows of tines
  • 3.0m rigid
  • Perfectly adapted for operation in light to medium soil.
  • Can match with all heavy rollers of the Kverneland range
  • With little wear and high output performance, the Access+ is a real alternative
Model Access+ 
Working Width (m) 3.00
Number of tines on 2 or 3 rows 19
Weight (kg) 858
Max. Power requirement (HP) 160

Access+ Tines

  • The Kverneland Access+ is equipped with 2 or 3 rows of straight tines 45x10mm for a well-crumbled and levelled seedbed.
  • 2 rows of tines: the distance between the rows is 200mm to ensure a smooth soil flow.
  • 3 rows of tines: the last tine row has an additional row staggering of 60mm in the centre section
  • The average tine spacing is 150mm
  • As an option, the models with 2 rows can be equipped with a hydraulic Clod Board.

Access+ Accessories

A wide choice of accessories and rollers are available for perfect adjustment to the various seed drills and soil.

  • Clod Board: mechanically adjustable or by hydraulics. For perfect crumbling due to vibrating tines. Can be completely lifted if not needed.
  • Track eradicators spring-loaded or protected by Non-stop safety system.
  • Hydro-Lift
  • Transmission