Kverneland 9464 M

Compact Package - Uncomplicated Usability

Kverneland 9464M is a new robust and durable centre swath rake that comes with a compact package of features including maintenance friendly CompactLine gearbox with 10 tine arms per rotor. With 6.4 m working width it is the ideal fit for two swaths from a 3.2m mower. furthermore it provides a swath width of 1.20m, suitable for efficient pick-up. 

The Advantages:

  • Large working width of 6.4 m
  • The Mounted Version for Compact Dimensions with comfortable NEW 3-point (CAT 2+3)
  • Compact and comfortable parking
  • Very compact transport dimension and with a transport length of only 3.8m (comparable to a 4 furrow plough).
  • Highly manoeuvrable for narrow road and tight Gateways.
  • The compact mounted design in combination with the three point linkage mounting makes the 9464M an ideal fit for mastering smaller and awkwardly shaped fields.

Technical Specifications:

  Working Width No of Tines per Rotor Weight
9464M 6.40 m 2x10 1200kg

CompactLine Gearbox

  • The Kverneland CompactLine rakes feature oil-immersed cam discs and guide rollers.
  • Tine arm bearings are fully lubricated, and hence absolutely maintenance-free.
  • High-tensile tine arm holders and two bearings on either side of the driveshaft, provide the compact unit with strength and dependability.
  • Kverneland-developed cam tracks are specifically tailored to individual rotor diameters, for optimum raking at any working width and on any model.

CompactLine rotor gear box with permanent

High tensile arm holders


  • Easy headland lift with 3 point linkage
  • Outstanding clearance in headland Position
  • Pivoting headstock to guide the machine freely along the field contour
  • Together with stabilizers, a perfect performance also on hillside is guaranteed.
  • Optional tandem wheels can even create a softer Performing.
  • High flexibility on the road, and in the field, as no carrier is disturbing

Compact Parking & Transport

  • Compact Dimension and comfortable storing with support feet's at the headstock and on both lifting arms.
  • Compact Transport position on 3-point mounting
  • Narrow transport position without leaving the cabin
  • High flexibility on the road, and in the field, as no carrier is disturbing