The demand for conservation tillage equipment and seeding technology has been growing significantly over the past years.

This trend is also reinforced by the need for savings which you, as contractors and / or farmers, are increasingly forced to address. If you want to cover costs in the future you will need coordinated equipment that allows you to eliminate one or more cultivation steps.

Therefore, Kverneland Group decided to start a new business segment dedicated to the development of equipment for use in Conservation Tillage, mulch and direct seeding. To ensure that we listen and take on board the requirements from you, the customer, we have put together a team of qualified staff who are fully focused on this objective. Their responsibility also includes sharing this competence with our distributors.

These new products are promoted under the brand Kverneland, under the CT-Line label and making them easily identifiable to you.

Our "CT-Line Farming Systems" brochure, provides an overview of our current range of equipment available under the CT-Line label.

You will also find some useful notes which may help you to answer some of the agronomic questions related to Conservation Tillage crop production. We are certain we can offer a suitable system to ensure profitable crop production solutions.