Kverneland Shuttle

The Shuttle transfer wagon has been developed in order to optimize the logistic efficiency of harvesting and transporting crops. Crops can be transferred quickly to trucks at the edge of the field, enabling considerably larger amounts of silage to be transported in less time. Employing trucks increases the efficiency of transporting maize silage in addition to saving on costs.

The Shuttle has a loading capacity of 30.5m³ DIN, which allows a standard 60m³ DIN truck to be filled with 2 Shuttle loads.

The Advantages:

  • The Shuttle increases efficiency of the logistics, and is the link between the forager and trucks for long distance transport.
  • Loading capacity of 30.5m³, meaning a standard truck is filled with two shuttle loads.
  • Fast and efficient unloading thanks to the chain and slat conveyor.
  • Scissor construction can hoist the container to a height of 4.70m.
  • When unloading, the side and rear walls are pushed upwards, avoiding spill-over during transfer of the crop.

Technical Specifications

  Loading capacity to DIN Load Capacity Load Weight
T-Rex Shuttle 30.5m³ 30.5m³ 13000kg